All our tensile membranes are designed to be durable and the smooth surfaces allows for easy self-cleaning when it rains. However, should one wishes to clean the tensile membrane, here are some Care & Maintenance tips to take note:

Cleaning Tools:
Use soft materials like soft cotton fabric or sponges for cleaning, so that the cleaning materials do not cause abrasion with the tensile membrane surfaces.

Cleaning Methods:
Ensure that cleaning tools are sufficiently wet with water, and wipe the desired area in a uniform direction.

Use of Detergents:
It is not recommended for detergents to be used as the corrosive nature of detergents may decrease the surface tension of the structure. If it is inevitable that detergents must be used for stains/dirt removal, choose neutral detergents and dilute them in water first at a ratio of (1:100).

When cleaning with detergents, ensure that the diluted detergent is not left on the tensile surfaces for prolong period of time before rinsing.

Rinsing Method:
Rinsing is a must when using detergents to ensure that all traces of detergent have been removed. Rinsing can simply be done by water from water hoses. It is important to never use high-pressure water for rinsing or cleaning, as the excessive pressure will damage the coatings on the membrane surface.